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  Philosophy / Our Identity 

Located in Bad Brückenau, in the middle of Germany and therefore centrally place in Europe
 we strive to tay the most reliable system partner for the development, manufacture, sales and
servicing of AdBlue® refuelling systems.

Landkarte Europa

Our company motto "Operational safety for your refuelling equipment" defines the way
in which approach our customers solutions.

       towards environmental:

To comply with stricter emission control standards (Euro 4 in 2006 und Euro 5 in 2009), the automobile industry has decided to introduce SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for diesel powered heavy goods vehicles

For this to occur, a 32.5 percent urea solution is used as a reduction agent. This product is marketed under the trade name of AdBlue™. AdBlue is neither explosive nor harmful to the environment and is classified under the minimum category of transportable fluids. 

AdBlue® is corrosive against certain Materials and can be stored for 1 year between temperatures of -11°C and +25°C. The freezing point is nearly -11°C and from +30°C on begins a process of hydrolyse and the uric acid will be descomposed to ammonia and CO2

The advantages of SCR/Urea Technology:

        A reduction of particulate matter

        A reduction of diesel costs due to less fuel consumption

        Cost savings through road tax and toll road costs