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INDOOR version

Indoor IBC

A practical pumping system for indoor use, intended to couple up to the standard international bulk containers (IBC) as supplied by the AdBlue producers. 

  • Pump support
  • Pump
  • Non return valve
  • Flow meter
  • Delivery pipe with automatic delivery nozzle
  • Optional with automatic roller and spillage bath


Indoor 4.000-10.000 litres

         Image: 10.000 litres "Indoor"
  • Welded box steel tank according to DIN 6625 and RAL-RG 616, fitted with urea-proof liner and leak warning device
  • Guarantee: Liner 10 years, Leak warning 2 years
  • - Overfill protection
    - Level indicator
    - Submersible pump AdBlue Niro
    - Electronic control
    - Feed pipe (stainless steel)
    - Delivery hose 5 metre
    - Autom. delivery nozzle
    - Magnet safety feature for mis-fuelling
    - Venitlation pipe (stainless steel)
    - Dry coupling (stainless steel)
    - Non-return valve 
    (stainless steel)
    - Stopcock (stainless steel)
    - Delivery pistol holder
  • Volume counter Type VZB 155-PP-OO
  • Fully painted on anti-rust primer coat
  • Pump with delivery tube and automatic nozzle. 
  • Nozzle holder with automatic pump cut-off
  • Fuel management system as optional extra